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Welcome to classic_daily the community dedicated to photographs of the stars and films of old Hollywood.
Ground Rules
1.All posts must contain a picture of a classic actor/actress/entertainer. Any posts without a picture will be deleted.

++There is usually some misunderstanding about the type of photos that can be posted. By "classic" we mean 1895 (when movies were invented) to the late 1960's.

2.You must upload pictures to your own webspace. Please do not HOTLINK This drains other people's bandwith, which costs them money, and the usual result is a great site that has to shut down because the owners can't afford it anymore.
If you need a place to upload your images, try Photobucket.com. or imgeshack.us. It's free, quick and gives you unlimited space.

3.If you post more than one picture, put the rest behind a LJ-CUT.

4.Icon posts are allowed but please keep them to a minimum. We would prefer to keep this a strictly photo-based community. If you would like to pimp your icon journals and such, try backlot or another community related to that.

5.NO DRAMA. If you have a problem with someone, take it elsewhere, or contact one of the moderators about your beef. If you cause problems, you will be banned. If you disrespect the moderators, you will be banned. In order to keep the place peaceful, the moderators reserve the right to remove you and/or ban you without notice, so please just behave and don't be lame.

6.By joining this community, you are agreeing to abide by these rules.

The Mods
This community was created by justwait_2008
It is now run by elusive_shadows and themurcurytree
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